SWIFT transfer to ICICI bank account

SWIFT code is mandatory for any remittance from other country. Most of the branches is not SWIFT enabled and will not have SWIFT code.

In case you want to receive some cross border payment to your ICICI account, you may be wondering what is the corresponding SWIFT code.

Ex:  Indiranagar (IFSC: ICIC0000169) branch is not having SWIFT code.

I contacted ICICI Bank and they informed me that any retail remittance in INR rupees should go through SWIFT code ICICINBBNRI 

It does not matter where your account is created, you have to use this common SWIFT code for all accounts in ICICI Bank.

One can refer https://www.icicibank.com/nri-banking/money_transfer/usa/wire-transfer.page for more details regarding the SWIFT code for ICICI.

In case you are getting the money in some other currency, it may have to first go through the currency conversion by intermediaries.  The above link has details of SWIFT code corresponding to currencies other than INR.

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