Update your KYC( CVL KRA/CAMS KRA ) online

CVL/CAMS KRA is handling the KYC compliance for most of the mutual funds.

In case of address change, the first thing to do is to update the KYC since all mutual funds will use the address present in our KYC document. Due to this , we need to always keep our KYC up-to-date. 

CVL/CAMS KRA do not offer facility to update  KYC online. We need to send a physical signed copy of KYC update form along with proofs to AMC’s or  karvy/CAMS office.

But luckily from now,we can update our CVL/CAMS KRA KYC online using the eKYC feature offered by Quantum Mutual Fund .

We need to have a web cam for this process.(one can try in mobile/tablet but not sure whether it will work properly)

Best part is we  don't need to be an investor in Quantum Mutual fund to avail this facility Smile

Keep the below documents ready before you initiate the eKYC updating :
a) Aadhaar card scan copy (Any other accepted Address proof will be okay but Aadhaar will quicken the process)
b) PAN card scan copy.
c) Blank sheet of paper with your signature in it since it will ask for signature capture for confirmation.

Optional : Groom yourself and be in nice attire since your photo,video will be captured for authentication Smile with tongue out

To initiate the eKYC process visit https://ekyc.quantumamc.com/


Once you enter your PAN number , you will get the below popup.


Click on Continue and enter your details like Name,Mobile Number, Email Id. Aadhaar number is optional but it will quicken the process if you have updated address in your aadhar card.

Once you enter the above details, click on Submit.

You will go to new page where you can enter all your personal details. Fill all mandatory fields.


For Proof of Identity(POI), upload the scan copy of PAN card.
For Proof of Address(POA), upload the scan copy of your updated Aadhaar card.

Click on Proceed.

Here you can enter your updated address details. The address should be same as present in POA.


Click on Proceed. 

Now your webcam will be active(Allow any webcam/mic access if browser asks for permission) and it will ask to capture your photo.

Next steps will be to capture your signature in the white sheet via webcam and a 10 second video capture to authenticate you. You will be required to smile in the video as per the instructions Smile with tongue out

After doing all these, you will get a PDF preview of your application for confirmation before the final submit.

Complete the entire process and click on submit.

Thats it Smile Your eKYC process is over. You will get a PDF in your email having your application. It may take up to 15 business days for updating the records in CVL/CAMS KRA .

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