Host CSS,JS, HTML and other files easily using github gist

I used to save CSS files using google code. Since google code is dead, I was looking for an easy way to store and serve my CSS/JS files.

There are ways to serve these files from dropbox or google drive. The easiest way is via Github gist.

Save the CSS/JS/HTML file in
github Gist
GitHub Gist

Open the saved gist and click on RAW button.

This will give you a link to the RAW file. Unfortunately, we cannot use this link directly in our sites as GitHub treats/serves these as plain text.

To overcome this limitation, we will use an excellent service called
Rawgit to get the CDN link for your files
Rawgit to get the CDN link for your files

Just pass the RAW URL link and vola you will get the CDN link which serves contents properly.

Just use this CDN link in your site.

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