Resolve 500 server error after installing W3 Total Cache

So I was installing W3 Total Cache to my multi network wordpress site.

Suddenly while activating the plugin I started to get 500 Error for all pages in my site. I was not able to login also to my site.

I searched in Google and found many solutions Some suggested deleting the W3 cache plugin folder from the plugins directory. Some suggested restore of old backups.

I looked into the log of error in my Cpanel and found its due to wrong .htaccess file.


This file handles the redirection in site and W3 Total cache modifies the .htaccess file.

I looked into the file(Opened it via FTP) and noticed W3 Cache did added the code but the indentation was wrong.


So I corrected the indentation by moving the comment line to new line (Line having # is comment line in .htaccess file ).


Many people have faced the same problem. Sometimes the plugin wont update the .htaccess file properly.

Just open the .htaccess file of your site(Its present in the top most folder of your site) and make sure everything line breaks are proper.

Hope this helps.

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