iPad 4 review [Review]

I recently got my hands on much awaited iPad4.

iPad has certainly revolutionized the tablet industry. They were the pioneers in introducing many things like multi touch gesture. Pinch to Zoom etc. From first iPad introduced in 2010 , to the current iPad4 and iPad mini, this has been a long and adventurous journey for apple and all it's customers.

So what's there in iPad 4.Lets find out, shall we ?

The good

No doubt the hardware.

iPad Retina Display
iPad Retina Display

  • The patented retina display is a delight for eyes. The full HD(2048 x 1536) 10'' screen is awesome.
iPad 5MP back camera
iPad 5MP back camera
  • The back camera and front camera are pretty decent and captures the video in hi definition
  • The sound/music quality is pretty good as expected.
Awesome touch responsiveness in iPad4
Awesome touch responsiveness in iPad4
  • The touch sensitivity/responsiveness is one of the best among all tablets
A6X processor: Brain behind iPad 4
A6X processor: Brain behind iPad 4
  • Apple iPad 4 is powered by the powerful Apple A6X processor which is pretty decent and does it job nicely.
  • Battery life is also pretty decent.iPad 4 lasts 10 hours comfortably.
  • iPad4 on screen keyboard
    iPad4 on screen keyboard
  • The one screen keyboard is nice and one can get accustomed to it quickly ( This article is written in iPad ;) )

The bad

Ahh the software !!!
iOS 6.0 : A bottleneck in iPad
iOS 6.0 : A bottleneck in iPad
iPad 4 runs in standard iOS 6 (updated to 6.0.1). This is the same provided in iPhone and perhaps the same/similar OS ported to iPad has become a biggest hurdle to harness the power of iPad
iPad hardware as I mentioned in good part is pretty decent and can do certainly more than what iOS supports. The best example would be the multitasking capability of iPad. One cannot have 2 active windows at same time. This hurdle makes sense in small screens like iPhone but not in iPad

The next annoying thing i observed is the over usage of touch gestures. Yeah we got a pretty decent hardware and multi touch gestures but overusing it for every action required doesn't make sense to me. Ex: To navigate to other window , one needs to use 3 or 4 fingers gesture (One can also use 2 taps of home button to see all windows.)

The ugly

Again the software but this time it's the iTunes/iTunes store
This is what i feel about iTunes.
This is what i feel about iTunes.
All apps are installed from iTunes Store. And this iTunes Store is painfully slow ( Disclaimer : I have a 2 Mbps connection ) but the same google play counterpart is fast. Navigation and installing app is certainly not as fast as google app. The iTunes web interface doesn't work without iTunes . I use ubuntu and can't access the store so that I can search for apps and install them remotely to iPad . The same google play counterpart has a pretty nice web interface and I can just install remotely any android app. The same hurdle applies when redeeming a gift certificate. I had to type manually the Gift certificate code in my iPad since redemption link in my mail works only with iTunes.

Sync of music and movies in default apps provided also requires iTunes and configuring iPad to work in Ubuntu is not an easy process. I don't understand why apple can't provide out of box sync without requiring this bloated software. They can just consider iPad like mass storage device and allow us to sync directly. Off course this limitation can be overcome by using dedicated apps, but still I feel apple can easily remove this requirement and make there App Store fully web based.


iPad is certainly the best tablet in the market (again due to build quality and hardware ) but does it deserve a expensive price tag of 500$ / 33000rs ? I don't think so. The price is decent when it was launched first time 2 years ago since back then there were not even an alternative product. But the emergence of many alternatives and due to the growing popularity of android, the price tag is not attractive enough. I believe the justified price would-be in range of 350-400$.

Apple should first learn to please the customers not the shareholders. It needs to reduce its per sale margin so that the price is attractive enough or it needs to bring radical new features which justifies the high cost. Just exaggerating the features which are already present now in many tablets is not going to help in long run.

Joke regarding Apple exaggeration ;)
Joke regarding Apple exaggeration ;)

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