traceroute: Terminal Command Of the day

So you are unable to open a particular website but all other sites loads fine ?? You also found that the site is not down but is not loading only for you ??

What might be the problem .. To find out just traceroute it :)
traceroute <website>
traceroute linux command
traceroute linux command

Traceroute is a network monitoring utility which traces the movement of  packets (in simple words website request ) to network host(website).

This is normally used by network admins but to quickly check which is causing the website not to load properly , this does its job pretty well.

By doing traceroute you can find where packets are getting lost. You can find the problematic hop (path). If you identify the problem , may be by changing your DNS, or changing Firewall settings, you can rectify the problem.

The first line will always have your IP address and last line will have IP address of the server which is hosting the website.

You can also tweak waiting time , number of hops considered, number of queries  etc by adding options to traceroute.


  traceroute -w 7 -q 1 -m 16
will send just one query and will consider 16 hops and waiting time will be 7 seconds.
man traceroute 
to see all possibilities and options involved

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