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Most of you are aware of task manager in windows. It lists all the process currently running along with their CPU, memory, network usage etc being done by it. If you want an alternative to task manager in Linux terminal, i will recommend 'top'
top lists all current running process and its real time output.

Linux top command
TOP command output

 Like in task manager, you can kill any process, toggle certain views, display process only from the required user etc. Its really a powerful tool once you get hold of it. I have an VPS server and i always use this command to see the system load and memory usage. Just press 'H' in real time output of TOP to see all options available and how to use them.

top command options
Top options
One can also set the update/refresh interval by adding optional parameter -d.
top -d 10
will make top to refresh/ update list in every 10 seconds.
The full usage of top is beyond this simple article since its such a powerful tool and vast number of options are available.
man top
to study all of them :)

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