Make a sketch out of photo easily [Freeware]

Photo sketching is a beautiful art. To write a person face by using just a pencil/pen and sheet is pretty difficult skill to master. I am bad(pretty bad :p) in drawing and any of its form. So what should i do if i want to create a canvas/photo sketch of my face ?

 I am a techie, i can use softwares ;) There are tons of softwares which can be used. It varies from costly Photoshop to open-source and free GIMP. But if you dont want to learn the steps involved in order to make or tweak a sketch and you want a dead simple software for it, look no further than InstantPhotoSketch.

The file is just around 6MB file and it does it job perfectly . There are separate files for Windows and MAC OS. Linux users can run this software with good old wine.

Just select the photo(File>> Open) and click convert (The Play button in tool-bar ).

 Vary the 2 parameters(Black and white level) provided to tweak the sketch . 

Thats it . 

Save the sketch back :) I am pretty impressed by the quality of sketch generated and easy to use GUI of this freeware.
Direct link(Windows) :
Direct Link(Mac):

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