Make a journal of your life using facebook [Webapp]

You regularly update your status in facebook ? You are active in facebook and share your thoughts , personal feelings in it ?

If the answer is yes , then you will love this web application. Fonicle makes a book from your facebook updates. Here is an example of a journal generated by Fonicle.

To make a journal about your life (at-least life in facebook ;) ) , just go to

Create fonicle
Create fonicle
Login with facebook and give the permission to Fonicle App ( you can remove permissions later if you dont want ).

Fonicle will analyze your facebook updates and you can customize the layout of your book / journal.

Once you click generate, it will provide you with 2 options
Jounal Generated from facebook
Jounal Generated from facebook

1 ) hard copy of your journal (20$ + shipping i guess)
2 ) soft copy (pdf copy) . you will get the pdf book after you like the webpage.

Pdf copy will be mailed to your registered email in facebook within 24 hours.

I must say i am really impressed with the layout and style of the journal generated. This motivates me to be more active in Facebook since i can create and capture my life easily in a journal.

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