How to deal with memory hog firefox [Tips]

Chrome has now become the 2nd most popular web-browser surpassing Firefox. But still many (Including Me) use Firefox. Now a days almost all functionality, extensions/addons provided by Firefox are available in chrome too but still for some reason (may be we are fans of FF) , we use Firefox.

But there is one thing that is lagging in Firefox. Its the memory consumption to some extent. Firefox is known for its memory leak bug and non effective use of memory.  Things have improved a lot but still in terms of memory management, chrome takes the upper hand.

So fed up with slow performance of Firefox after long hours of usage ? Want to prevent any crash of browser ? Want to optimize the memory used by Firefox ?

Though i am aware that there are many fast Firefox plugin(s) which says it can increase the performance and speed of browsing in Firefox, i find those buggy and non effective. 

Here are some plugins and tips i use to effectively manage Firefox memory consumption and make my browsing faster.

1) No script: Java script sucks memory like anything. So i use this plugin to disable all java scripts by default. If some websites are not working properly then only i enable Script execution. 
P.S: if you are doing some office work or doing online transaction, its better to allow all script execution for a while otherwise it may cause problems.

2) Auto close plugin: This is lesser known plugin which closes non used tabs. We open many sites at a time but we often dont close the ones we are done with. As tabs accumulate, memory usage increases and your browser experience will be shaggy . To prevent this use Auto Close plugin. This plugin is clever. It will not close the pinned tabs(Tabs can be pinned for non close by double clicking the tab), It will not close the non visited tab(which will be in red). You can even set the timings after which tabs will be closed.

3) Memory Restart : Again a great plugin which shows how much memory the current instance of Firefox is using and offers a easy button to close and reload all tabs to refresh and there by reduce memory usage. It also alerts you if the memory usage is too high and you can change the settings for this threshold limit.

4) Clean old history periodically : Its wise to clean history periodically since larger history file will lead to more time while auto completing the web address.  Go to Firefox >> History  and delete previous months history data.

Clean old history periodically
Clean old history periodically
5) To much is too bad: This specially applies to all active addons or plugins. Deactivate the unused plugins to reduce memory consumption.

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