Google search via SMS [India]

You are in remote region/village and you dont have GPRS/ EDGE/3G connection there. So what will you do if you need to google something at that moment ??

Simple, send a SMS :)

SMS your query to 9773300000 which is Google India SMS number.

Here are some unique usage of it :

1 ) Find the price of any stock by sending <stockname> stock
infosys stock
2) Want to know the meaning of any word , just send define <word>
define oncology
3) Quickly want to do a currency conversion ? , just send
<number> <currency> in <new-currency>

50 USD in INR
 4) Want to know the PNR status(Indian railways) by SMS , just send pnr <number>
pnr 2342345587
 5) Translation of any word to any other language is easy  , just send
translate <word> from <lang> to <otherlang>

translate ' i love you' from english to french
6) Wish to to know the current local time in any city ? just send time <cityname>
time paris
There are still many other options to use with Google SMS , just send help to know what all you can do with a simple SMS :)
or refer
P.S: This feature is available in many other countries, just select your country in and you will find the Google SMS number for that country

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