Search required files quickly using 'Everything' [Windows]

As hard disk capacity increases, so does the bunch of files stored in our system. We spend a lot of time searching where we have placed the required file(s). We can use the inbuilt search facility provided in windows but its not fast and good enough. As i always say, "If there is a problem,there will(must) be a solution" :)

There is an excellent freeware available which will resolve this."Everything" works on the basis of file and folder names.Everything will only locate files and folders on local NTFS volumes.(If your drive is not NTFS ,i strongly recommend you to convert from FAT32 to NTFS as NTFS is more reliable)

It also monitors file system changes.(Real - Time monitoring and search,no need to recreate or refresh the index).Wild card entries as well as regex expressions can be used which will make search process very accurate. 

The best part about this software is it creates a index of files and folder names very quickly. It takes just few seconds to make index of 500 GB HDD in my system. Its probably the fastest search tool for windows designed so far. A must freeware which increases productivity.

 Download link :

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