Bulid Your Own Open Suse Distro Using Open Studio

SUSE(Novell, Inc.) has been innovative from the beginning.Now their latest innovation is Susestudio,where one can bulid their own custom linux distro from scratch without having a single programming or scripting background.

Its a web based service via which by simple drag and drop one can select the applications,settings of the SUSE distro and build images of this custom distro from it.

It is currently invitation based.One can request for invitation via http://susestudio.com/account/invitation

I got my invitation code within 30 minutes.
[UPDATE] : Its open for all now and no need of any invitation.

Once you are inside,you will find how easy it is to build your own custom SUSE distro by simple drag and drop of packages

After you have selected the required packages and have made custom settings,just click on Build to build/generate the image file.
You can generate either VMware,Virtual Boz,Zen,Live CD ISO or Hard Disk/USB Image.

The service as of now offers upto 15 GB storage space for your built images.Builds older than seven days will be deleted to free up space . But no need to worry as you can rebuild them at any time.The build process takes some considerable time. You can also test drive the build image file before downloading by clicking "Testdrive"

You can download and deploy your custom SUSE build anytime.The service is way too simple to use and requires no guide at all. But for help ,there are screen cast and guides available at http://en.opensuse.org/SUSE_Studio

[UPDATE] : Its open for all now and no need of any invitation.

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