How to Organize your Firefox Web History just like Opera

The one thing that i like in Opera is the way it organizes Web History according to the date as well as the main domain.Though Firefox organizes Web history in terms of date,it is highly cluttered in my opinion.

Even the latest Firefox 3.X series doesn't have such organization.

If you are like me who likes to have a Web History organized the way like Opera,then Enhanced History Manage is a plugin made specially for you.

This plugin is incompatible with the latest Firefox.However there is an workaround possible.

Refer How to Install Old,Incompatible Firefox Addon or Extension for more information.

Once installed,press CTRL+SHIFT+H to activate Enhanced History Sidebar.
Now all you have to do is click Sorted By >> Group By >> Day->Site.

Hope you liked this small tweak.....

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