SEO for wordpress blogs-Part 5/5

imporatance of backlinks and ways to increase it

Proper SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is essential for all websites. Blogs powered by Wordpress are not an exception. This article will explain all the things needed to make ur Wordpress,and SEO optimized one

This is the final part of the series which covers backlinks:it's importance and ways to increase it...


They are nothing but the incoming links to the website.It predicts the importance of a page.Backlinks decide the PR of the page.PR(page rank) is a special algorithm which ranks the webpage.It has a scale of 0-10.For example my site PR is 3(home page).

PR is assigned to individual web page.But the PR of the home page or the landing page is considered as the PR of the website.

Now PR and Backlinks are important in determining the search engine rank for particular keywords. There are around 200 factors via which the rank is determined and these 2 are among them.

In order to make ur site more SEO friendly,u need to increase the number of backlinks.Here are some of the ways to do so:

1.Directory submission: Submitting to top directories like Dmoz etc., .Some directories are restricted to some particular niche. So one needs to make some research to find out the list of top directories specific to the niche

2.Blog commenting: Here comes the two terms "no-follow" and "do-follow".

no follow

do followIn simple terms, "do-follow" tag tells the crawler (search engine bot) that link can be treated as backlink and "no-follow" is simply the converse of it. So it is important to note that commenting on only "do-follow" enabled blog helps to increase the number of backlinks. To find whether a blog is no follow or do follow,u can use the Search Status firefox plugin which i have mentioned in the previous post.
Googling the term "do follow blog lists" will give number of links to such lists.

3.Forum signature: Having a signature link to ur blog in "do-follow" forums also leads to the increase in number of backlinks.Every time u post or reply in the thread,a backlink is left.So if u have 500 post number then their is greater possibility that u get 500 backlinks from the forum :-)

4.Link exchange and link sales: This is some what controversial method of building the backlinks.Sometimes,it can be harmful too.Here,the links to the site are exchanged or sometimes purchased in somewhat popular or well established site.The links are normally site-wide(It means in every page of the site,u will find the do follow link to ur site;some of the places where this can be employed are sidebar,footer).So it can increase the number of backlinks enormously.But as i said it's some what controversial method ,so i won't recommend it

5.Article submission: Submitting the article to top article directories will also result in increase in number of backlinks.

6.Social bookmarking submission: Submitting the link of the post in various "do-follow" Social bookmarking sites can increase the backlinks.

Google will penalize the site(may deindex the site) if it finds abnormal increase in backlinks.No one knows what is that rate beyond which the increase in backlinks is punishable under google rules.So,play it nice and easy.No need to work overnight to increase the backlinks

Final Touch

This completes the SEO for Wordpress blogs series.

The result of SEO takes time to reflect.It can't be felt suddenly or within short time.Consider it like an Ayurvedic medicine which will perform it's task slowly.

Patience and dedication are the two things which are vital in SEO world.

Slow and steady wins the race

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