SEO for wordpress blogs-Part 4/5

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Proper SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is essential for all websites. Blogs powered by Wordpress are not an exception. This article will explain all the things needed to make ur Wordpress,and SEO optimized one

This is Part 4 of the series which briefly covers 2 important Firefox plugins which are important in SEO study and Analysis.
They are :Search Status and Rank Checker

There are many online tools which are helpful in analysis of the SEO of ur blog as well as other sites.But i would like to cover 2 important firefox plugins which offers so much tools that their is no need for any other online services

Search Status

Search Status

This is some what lesser know firefox plugin. The plugin has virtually every SEO analysis tools u need. Get this Firefox plugin from

It offers a variety of SEO Analysis tools.Some of them are :

1.Meta tags: Will list the meta tags used in the web page.Crucial to know how ur competitive site is SEO optimized when compared to your's.
meta tags

2.Highlight No Follow Links:Will highlight the No Follow Links in the given webpage. Used to find out whether the blog is do follow or no follow(I will cover these two soon :) )

3.Rankings:Displays Alexa,Page and Complete Rank of the webpage

4.Show Backward Links:Used to find out the backward links(the links from other site(or sometimes other page) to the site or the webpage)

5.Show Whois and also Show Robots.txt: Used to look up the site and it's robots.txt file

6.Link report:Gives a summary of all the links and whether they are internal(within the same site),external(pointing to other site),no follow etc.,
link report

These are just some of the tools that this plugins offer.There are still many more.
In a nutshell,this is a must have plugin for any SEO concerned person

Rank Checker

rank checker

This is another FF plugin which is vital with respect to SEO analysis.It is used to check the SERP factor and it displays in which position ur website will be in the different search engine results page for particular keywords.

Get this plugin from

There is a full documentation of this plugin in the above link itself.So,i don't think it is necessary to explain it :-)

Coming Next: Some Miscellaneous tips and tricks

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