SEO for wordpress blogs-Part 3/5

seo for wordpress part 3
Proper SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is essential for all websites. Blogs powered by Wordpress are not an exception. This article will explain all the things needed to make ur Wordpress,and SEO optimized one

This is Part 3 of the series which briefly covers 2 important Google services i.e, Google Webmasters tools and Analytics

Google Webmasters tool

This service is nothing but a suite of webmaster tools which provides free and easy way to make one's site more Google-friendly.Sign up for free G Webmasters using ur google account(gmail account) at

After signing and logging inside G webmasters u need to add ur site.

add site in google webmasters

After adding the site,u need to verify it.U can choose 2 methods of verification : one is via meta tags and the other via file.Verifying through meta tags is easier.To do so , select "Add a meta tag" and copy the meta tags which will be generated.

verification of site in google webmasters

Now u need to paste that meta tag in ur wordpress theme file,which is mainly and normally header.php

adding meta tag in theme.php file for verification of google webmasters

Go to Design>>Theme Editor. Select header.php file and paste the meta tag in between and and .Save the file

The Robots Meta plugin that i mentioned in the previous post can also be used to verify the site.

verification of meta tags via robots meta
Just copy paste the meta tag in the Verify meta value for Google Webmaster Tools: column in the Plugins>>Robots Meta page and click Save settings

After adding the meta tag,click the Verify Button in G Webmasters;If u have performed the above steps correctly,then ur site will be verified.

Covering the whole G webmasters will take more than 3-5 posts but i would like to mention one important thing here.

You need to submit the sitemap created by the Google XML Sitemaps plugin in G Webmasters.To do so, click Sitemaps in the G Webmasters Dashboard and click Add a Sitemap.

add site map in google webmasters

Then select Add General Web Sitemap.All sitemaps created with the plugin will have name sitemap.xml. Just fill it up and click Add General Web Sitemap.

add site map in google webmasters

That's it.Ur sitemap is submitted.
There are many things that u can do in G Webmasters but adding a sitemap is vital among them

Google Analytics

Actually this is not a SEO tool but it is a tool which will help you learn more about where your visitors come from,time spend in site,their location,bounce rate,how they interact with your site and many many more.You will be surprised at the extent to which u can get info about a visitor. Though Awstats can give some info,i strongly recommend this tool.

Sign up for free G Analytics at

You might also use the Google Analyticator plugin which adds the necessary JavaScript code to enable Google’s Analytics.
Get this plugin from

The one feature that i like the most is Traffic sources which will point our all the incoming links,SERP click's,referring clicks...These data are crucial in the world of SEO

Google Analytics

Warning:G analytics is horribly addictive.I used to spend hours in it.

Coming Next: Some firefox plugins that will help in SEO study

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