SEO for wordpress blogs-Part 2/5

Wordpress plugins for seo
Proper SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is essential for all websites. Blogs powered by Wordpress are not an exception. SEO for wordpress blogs series will explain all the things needed to make ur Wordpress,an SEO optimized one.

This is Part 2 of the series which covers Wordpress Plugins important with respect to SEO...

All in One SEO Pack

This is THE most important plugin that one must have in wordpress blogs.What it does is,it will fill up the meta tags which is very crucial in the world of SEO.

Get this plugin from

After Activating the plugin go to Settings>>All in one SEO and fill up the values.

Now whenever u make any new posts,before publishing it fill up all the columns in the All in one SEO tab which is below Custom Fields in the Write Post page itself.Remember it is not an auto fill plugin and u need to fill it up for each new posts.
all in one seo pack
For further reference read the documentation provided with the plugin.

Google XML Sitemaps

A Sitemap is nothing but an XML file that lists the URLs for a site that are available for crawling(indexing).This Plugin which will generate Sitemaps for ur blog.
Get it from here
Google Sitemap Generator
The best thing about the plugin is it will automatically update the sitemap every time u post new articles and it also automatically assigns priority to the particular URL's in the sitemap which is a very good thing.The Sitemap generated by this plugin will have the address urblogurl/sitemap.xml ex:

Robots Meta

Search Engines read robots.txt(situated at the root of ur site or blog)file to get information on what they should and shouldn't be looking for, and where.This plugin makes optimizing it for better SEO easily.Get this plugin from

Now after activating the plugin go to Plugin>>Robots Meta in wp dashboard.I recommend u to select all the options in Prevent indexing of column.The following screenshot will give u an idea.

robots meta

SEO Friendly Images

In the Previous Post,i talked about the importance of filling up of alt attributive for images.If your images do not have ALT and TITLE(nothing but the text displayed when the user points the cursor on the image;this has no effect on SEO but improves user experience) already set, SEO Friendly Images will fill up them according the options you set.Get this plugin from

I recommend u to just fill up %title in both the options in settings page.

SEO friendly images

SEO Smart Links

SEO smart links
You may be wondering why i have posted the above screenshot with Plugins highlighted...
The link to Plugins was not created by me.. :p It was created automatically by SEO Smart Links plugin.

SEO Smart Links plugin automatically searches for keywords and phrases in the text of your posts and comments and add links to the corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog.This is the best way to keep ur blog interlinked which is good thing in SEO world.And moreover this can also make ur old posts noted to ur readers.Get this plugin from

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