Google can read Flash

Yup that's rite.In case you don't know,Google as of now can read and index Adobe flash (swf) files.Adobe recently released Flash Search Engine SDK that will extract the text contents and links from swf files.

The application is called swf2html which will create a html file with readable contents of the flash file
It is often believed that normally the first words and sentences that appear when the flash is loaded is taken as Title tag though it will not be the same case always

An example of Flash file in Google Search results

What about Yahoo...?

Though in the Adobe Developer Center page there is specification that they are working with Google and Yahoo!,changes are still not reflected in yahoo! searches but it is believed to take place very soon.

Can flash bring me up in SERP and organic results..?

Yup,it can.I just googled for the term "interactive animated graphic of Hurricane Katrina's" and guess what;the flash file ranked first :)

To find only the flash files containing the search term,use the filter filetype:swf after the search term
ex: how google works filetype:swf

Refer SWF searchability FAQ for more info

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