The mistake in made with my RSS feeds...

RSS feeds are a must have feature in any blog or site.Now-a-days no one is having enough time to manually navigate to their favorite web blogs or sites in order to view new or updated articles.

I added the RSS feature using feedburner.I got nearly 15-20 Subscribers within one week of the blog launch itself.I was extremely happy but this happiness didn't lasted too long.Gradually the number of subscribers went on decreasing.I wished to know why this is happening.So i subscribed into my own feeds.

Within minutes i came to know where i had gone wrong.My feeds were partial.The feeds were like this

Important instructions for programs using math.h library function

Posted: 23 Mar 2008 10:14 AM CDT
if your program uses math.h header file then sometimes the compilation will lead to errors.In such cases you have to suffix -lm to the compilation file command Usage cc filename.c -lm lm means link mathematical header file.Note that this step is not always required use it only if your program is correct and compilation is leading to errors. and [...]

I must say that partial feeds are worthless.It is better that the site or blog has no feeds feature at all instead of giving partial feeds.

The default selection of feeds is partial itself.You need to change it.To change it go to Options(Settings)>>Reading in WP admin menu.Change the option to Full Text as show in the screenshot

full Feed

Another important note:If your use <!--more--> in your posts then the full feeds will have just the contents before <!--more-->To avoid this you need to use the plugin Full Text Feed
Plugin link:

But if you are using Wordpress 2.5(like me) then there is no necessity for this plugin coz this nasty feature has been corrected in wp 2.5 :)

Hope you will learn from my mistake and make your feeds full..
I just hope that i can again get those RSS subscribers back.... :)
If you like this small tip then please subscribe to my full rss feeds..... :p

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