Create you own custom Firefox search plugin in seconds


I love Firefox especially the FF search plugin's. This tutorial will explain how to create your own custom Firefox search plugin in seconds.

So let's get started....Open up notepad and paste the following lines..

<search action="" method="GET" name="Aditech" querycharset="UTF-8" sourcetextencoding="0">
<input name="q" user="" />
<input name="hl" value="en" />
<input name="sitesearch" value="" />

Replace "Aditech" to any name which you like...and the most important thing replace "" to any site you wish to have the custom search engine.

Now the save the file as "myplugin.src" [You can use any name but the quotes and .src is mandatory]

Copy this file to your FF searchplugins dirctory.. ex: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins

Now we need to have an icon for our custom search engine.You can find a lot's of free downloadable ico and png files in
It is recommended to have a 16x16 pixel image.

For example i downloaded this icon

After downloading the image rename the image to the plugin name i.e, in my case i must rename it as myplugin. Copy this file to the the same searchplugins direcotory.That means you will have 2 files with the same name one src and one png or ico file.


That's all :)
Now close the firefox and again open it and your custom FF search plugin will be ready to use...This method will work for all website which will be indexed by google that means nearly all websites in the world :)

Hope you like this easy tutorial....I will next write how to add the FF search plugin install option in your site and to distribute your custom search plugin....So stay tuned....

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