Save as pdf option in your website or blog

If you wish to add "" option for the articles in your blog or website..then,the following tutorial will help you to do so.....

1.Register in ....It's a free web service.
2.Log into your account
3.Click the Overview tab

4.Select the "Paper Orientation"
5.You can also alter the various marigin options
6.Then click the "Generate the Javascript"button
7.Copy the Script
8.Paste in in your site or blog...
9. That's it.... save as pdf option is enabled in your site or blog :smile:
I recommend you to add this script at the footer of the site or blog.In case you use Wordpress,then i suggest u to add the script in the index.php(Often called as Main Index Template) just below the comments section....i.e, above something like
<?php if ( comments_open() ) comments_template(); ?>

You can also get the number of pdf's generated from the particular page in the reports section.Log in to your account and click the Reports section to know the statistics
Note:You don't need to generate new javascript for each article or site or pages. It's just a one time effort.No need to create the new script for each occasion. The same script will work for all


1.The pdf generated will contain everything that is in the current web page
2.This also includes the banner,categories etc., as a result there are greater chances that the formatting of the pdf file generated will not be nice
3.If you have employed ads in your site or blog the pdf generated will include that too :(

Putting aside these drawbacks,It's a worthy option and service to try in your site or blog..

Hope you find this tutorial useful
Waiting for your feedbacks and comments.

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