Changing CD/DVD/Floppy Drive(s) label and icon

Bored of seeing the name something like "DVD-RW Drive" for your CD/DVD drive....?

wanna change the name to something like Sony or Samsung drive...?

You can change the icon of the harddisk by using autorun.inf or desktop.ini file but how to do so in case of CD/DVD/Floppy drive when the disc is not inserted.....?
Change Icon of CD/DVD drive

Well there is a reg hack solution for all these... :wink: Just follow this tut....

  • Open your registry by issuing rededit in run dialog box
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion \Explorer\DriveIcons
  • BTW you can easily do the above step by using a software called regjump ..I have made a tutorial on how to use it.In case you have not seen it,visit here
  • Now in case if there is no DriveIcons key,create it
  • Now create a new key with the drive letter of your CD/DVD/Floppy drive i.e, if your CD/DVD/Floppy drive letter is F: then create a new key called F
  • Now enter the key path u just created
  • Create keys DefaultIcon and DefaultLabel under it
  • Do the above steps for all the CD/DVD drives(if you have more than one)
  • ^^I have 2 CD/DVD drives and one Floppy the steps explained above has resulted in the above reg structure
  • Now in order to change the Drive label,navigate to the path DriveLabel under the desired drive letter(ex: F)
  • There is a string value called (Default), edit it with any name you like
  • That's all you have sucessfully changes the drive label ... There is no need to restart or logoff to view the changes...
  • Now to change the icon,navigate to path DriveIcon under the desired drive letter
  • There is a string value called (Default),edit it with the path of the icon(.ico) file
  • Well if you don't have any ico file then no need to worry...i have another solution
  • Now to proceed further you need to enable the show hidden files and folder options,show extensions,show system file option from the Tools>>Folder Options menu,click the View tab in it and make the changes. The below screenshot will give u an idea
  • Now after doing this, go to any folder you like;right click on the empty space;choose Customize this folder option;click on the button Change Icon, select any icon you apply.
  • You can see a file called Desktop.ini inside the folder
  • Open it..Typically it's contents will be like this
  • [.ShellClassInfo] IconFile=%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll IconIndex=105 note that this is just an example...the value of IconIndex need not be the same...It depends upon the icon you selected
  • Now copy the path of icon file i.e,%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll in above case..paste the path in the (Default) value of the DriveIcon sub key
  • Don't press Ok coz there is a small change;type , at the end and then type the number which is specified in IconIndex in destop.ini file i.e, in above case it's 105
  • So the (Default) value will be %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll,105
  • That's all....The changes will takes place immediately
  • You can also use the other dll files provided that they contain the icon's...Just click Browse button during icon selection and point to the dll file :cool:
  • The same procedure can be applied to hard disk drives as well

Hope you like this tutorial...If you have any doubts regarding this then fell free to ask anytime...
Waiting for ur comments and feedbacks as well as your SHOUTS :roll:

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