Get free Adwords Certification from Google

Google Adwords is a go to tool for digital marketing. Some companies insists for Adwords certification before they give you their Adwords account for marketing. Earlier, Adwords certification exam was pretty expensive. But now Google made Adwords and Analytics certification exam available for free to everyone :)

Here's how you can attend Adwords exam and get certified :


SWIFT transfer to ICICI bank account

SWIFT code is mandatory for any remittance from other country. Most of the branches is not SWIFT enabled and will not have SWIFT code.

In case you want to receive some cross border payment to your ICICI account, you may be wondering what is the corresponding SWIFT code.

Ex:  Indiranagar (IFSC: ICIC0000169) branch is not having SWIFT code.

I contacted ICICI Bank and they informed me that any retail remittance in INR rupees should go through SWIFT code ICICINBBNRI 


How to get free CIBIL report

CIBIL is mandated to give one free report to any consumer per year. CIBIL report normally costs 600+ but you can get it for free by following below procedures :)


Use same JS file for front end and nodeJS

Lets say you have some front end logic function placed in one of the .js files and it gets executed in browser. What if you want to reuse the same logic in your nodeJS back end code. It's not straight forward to reuse the same function in nodeJS even though its powered by the same javascript engine.

Here are few ways where you can reuse the same piece of code for nodeJS backend:


Create / Destroy servers using Vultr API

Vultr is an excellent VPS provider. It is giving a tough competition to Digital Ocean.

Vultr provides a nice set of APIs to provision the VPS.

These are REST API's and you can use any programming language to use the API.
Get the API key at

Make sure you white list the IPs for API access.

Below are few scripts created in PHP which shows how easy it is to interact with vultr APIs


Download torrents in VPS server using web based GUI

There are many command line programs which can be used to download torrents from the VPS server. Most of us are familiar with uTorrent. It has extremely familiar and easy to use GUI.

This guide is for those who hate to use unix command line each time to download torrent or one who need a web based platform to download anytime/anywhere from publicly accessible web link.

We have an open source web based torrent downloader called rTorrent. It used to be a cumbersome process to install rTorrent but with the advent of docker, its just 3-4 commands away Smile


Update your KYC( CVL KRA/CAMS KRA ) online

CVL/CAMS KRA is handling the KYC compliance for most of the mutual funds.

In case of address change, the first thing to do is to update the KYC since all mutual funds will use the address present in our KYC document. Due to this , we need to always keep our KYC up-to-date. 

CVL/CAMS KRA do not offer facility to update  KYC online. We need to send a physical signed copy of KYC update form along with proofs to AMC’s or  karvy/CAMS office.

But luckily from now,we can update our CVL/CAMS KRA KYC online using the eKYC feature offered by Quantum Mutual Fund .

We need to have a web cam for this process.(one can try in mobile/tablet but not sure whether it will work properly)

Best part is we  don't need to be an investor in Quantum Mutual fund to avail this facility Smile

Keep the below documents ready before you initiate the eKYC updating :
a) Aadhaar card scan copy (Any other accepted Address proof will be okay but Aadhaar will quicken the process)
b) PAN card scan copy.
c) Blank sheet of paper with your signature in it since it will ask for signature capture for confirmation.

Optional : Groom yourself and be in nice attire since your photo,video will be captured for authentication Smile with tongue out


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