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Resolve 500 server error after installing W3 Total Cache

So I was installing W3 Total Cache to my multi network wordpress site.

Suddenly while activating the plugin I started to get 500 Error for all pages in my site. I was not able to login also to my site.

I searched in Google and found many solutions Some suggested deleting the W3 cache plugin folder from the plugins directory. Some suggested restore of old backups.

I looked into the log of error in my Cpanel and found its due to wrong .htaccess file.



Drupal PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] error solution

Sometimes Drupal throws this error "PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000]:2006 MySQL server has gone away..". This is due to low max allowed packet settings of mysql.

Find your mysql config file by using whereis.

whereis my.cnf

Edit the configuration and include the below line


Mysql my.cnf file

Thats it. Restart the service by issuing service mysql restart and try gain. There wont be any errors from now on :)

P.S: In case you are in shared hosting and cannot change this setting, refer to apply patch to work with low max_allowed_packet


Nginx settings for Symfony 2

So you have installed Symfony 2 in your Nginx server but not able to make it work ? Getting 404 , 502 Bad Gateway errors ? This is due to the config settings of Nginx.
Symfony 2 Nginx Server
After much search and experimentation , I am finally able to get a 'Working' config for symfony 2.


Facebook now logs all your searches [FB]

With the introduction of Facebook Graph search , we are seeing radical changes in the way Facebook handles the search. Facebook now logs all your searches in "Activity Log" and you can see all the searches you made.

To see all the searches you have made in Facebook , just go to your Activity Log. Click on "Use Activity Log" from privacy shortcuts as shown below.

Open Up the Activity Log in Facebook
Open Up the Activity Log in Facebook


Get your EPF passbook online [India]

EPF [Employee Provident Fund] is a fund backed up by Government of India which has mandatory contributions from all Employees and Employers. In case you want to know your EPF balance or you want to obtain your EPF statement/EPF passbook , there is no need to go to the EPF office and inquire.

EPF statements are now digitized and you can obtain one easily by following the below mentioned steps:

Register in site.

Enter your mobile number , Date of birth. You can select any document like PAN card , Aadhaar card etc . The same will be used for login to the site after registration.
EPF Registration page
Registration page


Update your Aadhaar card details online [India]

So, you recently shifted to a new house after getting your Aadhaar card and want to update the same in your card. Or You want to update your mobile number in the Aadhaar card ?

No worries, you can just request for an online update on your Aadhaar card. :)

Update request can be done either online or via traditional post method.

Go to Offical Aadhaar Update Page to know more details regarding the process.

If you want to update your Aadhaar card online, you can directly go to Online Update link.
Please note your mobile number must be registered during Aadhaar enrollment as you will receive an OTP (One time Password) to proceed with online updation procedure. 
Specify the Aadhaar number (You can get your Aadhaar number online easily) and click "Send OTP".
Step 1 : Aadhar Login
Step 1 : Aadhaar Login


iPad 4 review [Review]

I recently got my hands on much awaited iPad4.

iPad has certainly revolutionized the tablet industry. They were the pioneers in introducing many things like multi touch gesture. Pinch to Zoom etc. From first iPad introduced in 2010 , to the current iPad4 and iPad mini, this has been a long and adventurous journey for apple and all it's customers.

So what's there in iPad 4.Lets find out, shall we ?

The good

No doubt the hardware.

iPad Retina Display
iPad Retina Display

  • The patented retina display is a delight for eyes. The full HD(2048 x 1536) 10'' screen is awesome.


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